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Khakimov Akmal Abduhakimovich
Khasanov Adham Ibrahimovich
Khosimova Iroda Khodirovna
Temirova Zarnigor Alisher qizi


For several years, the fixation of broken fragments of the bone of the lower jaw was carried out mainly by tooth splints. [4,5]. Fixation in this method has its own positive qualities, as well as shortcomings that are well known to experts. Disadvantages of tooth splints: Injury of periodontal tissue; exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases in the patient due to long-term eating disorders; violation of oral hygiene; it takes a long time for the patient to recover from cocktail activity. [1,2]. Treatment of lower jaw bone fractures without dental braces provides several conveniences for the patient. [6].

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